Yonaia Robinson

Independent Historian

Yonaia Robinson was born and raised in Washington State. She is currently a master’s student in the Department of Education at the University of Washington, Seattle. She plans to obtain her Ph.D. and go on to pursue a teaching career at the university level. Her initial interest peaked after having taken an African American history course on slavery and reconstruction when she first came to the university as an undergraduate. Her devotion to researching and learning about Black history and that of other minoritized groups lies in the failing of educational systems around the U.S to provide a more accurate and inclusive curriculum. She believes that all students would benefit from a more holistic approach, one that acknowledges the codes of power enacted in daily classroom life, provides them with alternative viewpoints, and includes the contributions people of color have made throughout this nation’s history.  Yonaia is essentially an advocate for telling it like it is, and fully intends to do so in her future endeavors as a professor.

Alice Allison Dunnigan (1906–1983)

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Dovey Johnson Roundtree (1914–2018)

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Stephanie Diana Wilson (1966– )

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Stephanie Diana Wilson is an American NASA astronaut, engineer, and is the second African American woman to go into space, following Mae Jemison. Wilson was born September 27, 1966, in Boston Massachusetts. In 1984 she graduated from Taconic High School in … Read MoreStephanie Diana Wilson (1966– )

Sylvia Robinson (1936–2011)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson was an African American singer, songwriter, musician, record label executive, and record producer, best known for her work as founder and CEO of the Sugar Hill Records hip-hop label. She is credited for being the dynamic force behind … Read MoreSylvia Robinson (1936–2011)