Independent Historian

Rico \”Kyng Sankofa\” Thompson is a dedicated independent researcher from Lexington, Kentucky. His primary focus is African-American history, particularly within his home state. Currently pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in American History at Southern New Hampshire University, Rico has authored four books independently. His passion for African American history drives him to uncover and share the often-overlooked and buried stories of the past. Growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, Rico possesses a deep understanding of the cultural heritage and experiences of the local African American community. Through his publications, Rico strives to highlight the significant history and contributions of African Americans in Lexington, ensuring that their narratives remain unearthed.

Robert Charles O’Hara Benjamin (1855-1900)

Robert Charles O’Hara Benjamin, also known as R.C.O. Benjamin, was a Caribbean-born political activist, newspaper editor, minister, poet, teacher, author, and lawyer. He was born on the island of St. Kitts on March 31, 1855. Information about his parents is unknown, but we do know … Read MoreRobert Charles O’Hara Benjamin (1855-1900)