Independent Historian

Richelle Rawlings-Carroll has been a resident of Sweetwater County, Wyoming for 46 years where she has been an active member in the community and in the school districts. She is a member of the Sweetwater County Museum Board, former board member of the Community Fine Arts Center, member of Phi Theta Kappa and the University of Wyoming National Honor Society. Richelle completed her BA dual degrees in History and African American Studies with a minor in Museum Studies at the University of Wyoming in May 2019. Richelle enjoys historical research and writing with a focused interest in African American history. However, she considers her four children to be her most fulfilling and greatest accomplishment.

Empire, Wyoming (1908-1930)

Empire, Wyoming was an African American community founded in 1908 by Charles and Rosetta Speese along with three of Charles’ brothers—John, Joseph and Radford—and their families. John’s brother-in-law, Baseman Taylor, and relative, Otis Taylor, also joined the settlement. The families migrated from Nebraska. With the … Read MoreEmpire, Wyoming (1908-1930)

The Searchlight Club (1904-?)

The Searchlight Club was a service-based group organized in 1904 for African American women in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was the first women’s club in Cheyenne specifically for African American women. The Black Women’s Club Movement spread across the nation beginning in the 1890s paving the … Read MoreThe Searchlight Club (1904-?)