Independent Historian

Mrs. Rhue has been very instrumental in the success of the James B. Duke Memorial Library at JCSU. She has a proven track record for planning, organizing, and directing both library and archives programs and grant funded activities. Mrs. Rhue has served as the first African American on North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Advisory Board (2006-2008), and Mrs. Rhue was the first African American president of the Society of North Carolina Archivists (March 2006-2007). Most recently, Mrs. Rhue launched JCSU’s Information Literacy Buddy program, which assisted other Historically Black Colleges and Universities in transforming their Bibliographic Instruction classes into an information literacy program. Mrs. Rhue also shared this comprehensive Information Literacy program in South Africa, as a People-to-People Library Delegate. (October 19-29, 2009)

Mrs. Rhue received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Johnson C. Smith University in Telecommunication/Journalism and her Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Mrs. Rhue was a recipient of the ACRL Harvard Leadership Institute Scholarship (August 3-8, 2008), and a participant of the HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Institute. (April 4-8, 2008). Mrs. Rhue is also the proud owner of Preserve Pro (, North Carolina’s first African American Archives Consulting business.


Johnson C. Smith University (1867- )

Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU), founded on April 7, 1867, is one of the oldest predominantly African American universities in North Carolina. The university was founded by three Presbyterian ministers, Rev. Samuel C. Alexander, Rev. Sidney S. Murkland, and Rev. Willis L. Miller and established … Read MoreJohnson C. Smith University (1867- )