Student Historian

Rachel Campbell is a currently working towards a Masters in Pan-African Studies and a certification in Women and Gender Studies at Syracuse University. She graduated cum laudewith a B.A. in English, African/ Afro-American Studies, and a certification in the Spanish language at SUNY the College at Brockport. Under Dr. Michelle Kelley, she has studied at New College at Oxford University in Oxford, England, on Black South African Apartheid Literature in relations to Steve Biko’s definition of Black Consciousness. Her article “Interludes of Black Consciousness in Njubulo S. Ndebele’s short story ‘Uncle’” has been published in the McNair Summer Research Journal. Her current project centers on the reintroduction of Grenadian women’s voices in moments of national trauma and geopolitics during and after the U.S. Invasion of Grenada through literature review and oral histories from Grenadian and Grenadian Nationals. The purpose of the project is to further a pluralistic black feminist approach in geopolitics into her role as a future ambassador and world literature professor. She has been awarded the African Americans Studies Fellowship at Syracuse University, and she currently is Graduate Student representative for the New York Africana Studies Association.

Rochester Rebellion (July 1964)

Rochester, New York’s uprising began on July 24, 1964. It occurred less than a week after the Harlem Riot. The Rochester Rebellion came as a surprise to many white residents because of the city’s history of progressive 19th century politics. A large part of that history revolved around the Underground … Read MoreRochester Rebellion (July 1964)