Independent Historian

Lilah Morton Pengra operates Multicultural Consulting Services in western South Dakota. She received her BA from Grinnell College, Iowa; masters degrees in African Studies and anthropology and a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and conducted post-doctoral work in medical anthropology. She and her husband designed and built an underground, passive-solar home at the edge of the Black Hills where they have lived for 30 years. Pengra became interested in local history while working as part of a grassroots network to decrease racism. She is the author of Your Values, My Values: Multicultural services in developmental disabilities (Paul Brookes Publishing, 2000), Corporals, Cooks and Cowboys: African Americans in the Black Hills and surrounding areas (Buffalo Gap, SD, 2000), Sarah Campbell: The First White Woman in the Black Hills was African American (Lune House Publishing, 2009), and co-author with Jerry Goes In Center of Recognize Our Similarities, Respect Our Differences (Lune House Publishing, 2008).