Student Historian

Tristan Michael Pelton is a senior at the University of Washington. He is studying English. He also hosts a local hip-hop oriented radio show on the UW radio station: Rainy Dawg Radio. He has been involved in various pro-underage music programs, particularly as a writer and editor for the all-ages website He also is vice-president of a local community group which eases the transition from high school to college for local students called Tyee Alum Group. His career goals include writing a book about the history of Seattle hip-hop.

Mary J. Blige (1971- )

When Mary J. Blige was born on January 11, 1971, in The Bronx, New York, few observers would have imagined her becoming one of the most successful rhythm and blues (R&B) artists within a musical world increasingly dominated by hip-hop. Blige’s father abandoned the family when she was four. She … Read MoreMary J. Blige (1971- )