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Peder T. Punsalan-Teigen is an attorney at Skellenger Bender, P.S., in Seattle, Washington, where he practices in the areas of family law and LGBTQ+ relationships. Peder earned his J.D. magna cum laude from Seattle University School of Law and his B.A., with majors in History and Classical Studies, from the University of Washington. Peder is a member of the American Bar Association, Washington State Bar Association, King County Bar Association, National LGBT Bar Association, QLaw (LGBT Bar Association of Washington), Filipino Lawyers of Washington, and William L. Dwyer American Inn of Court.

Mississippi Black Codes, 1865-1866

Following the passage of the 13th Amendment on January 31, 1865, slavery was officially ended throughout the United States, including in the eleven former Confederate States. Almost immediately governments in these states began a process to reestablish white supremacy in the law. The result was … Read MoreMississippi Black Codes, 1865-1866