Elisheva Offenbacher

Independent Historian

Elisheva Offenbacher is a native of Seattle, Washington but was raised in states across the country as well as in Ireland, UK, and South Africa.  She studied both music composition and neurobiology at university, ultimately foregoing graduate work because of health challenges.  She is an independent historian, writer, and lyricist with a special focus on creating pieces that cover human interest, advocacy (particularly for children and other marginalized groups), and the sciences.  In her spare time, Eli travels the world, draws, soaks in the newness of her baby nephew, and learns languages.  This year she aims to master French, Dutch, and German, as well as completing a memoir of catalytic experiences throughout her childhood, youth and twenties.

Pretoria, South Africa (1855- )

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Pretoria, home to the Union Buildings where the office of the President is located, is one of three capital cities in South Africa.  The others are Cape Town and Bloemfontein. The city was first called Pretoriusdorp after Voortrekker (Afrikaans for “pioneer”) … Read MorePretoria, South Africa (1855- )