Independent Historian

Michael A. Wernham is an independent researcher who lives in New York, New York. He has an Advanced Certificate in Leadership from New York University, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Hunter College, and a B.A, in Sociology from Fordham University. A native New Yorker, Mr. Wernham has over thirty years of experience as a solutions-oriented, sensitive administrator with a broad and proven background. He has managed chemical dependence, criminal justice, education, physical and mental health, housing, professional development, and quality improvement programs.

Mr. Wernham has also served as a board member representing vast communities encompassing the aforementioned fields as well as government and community affairs. His most recent employment was with Optum Behavioral Health, a division of United Healthcare, where he facilitated the behavioral healthcare needs of those with co-occurring and co-morbidity concerns. He has an ongoing interest in exploring the impact of the African diaspora on the mental health of African Americans and investigating the effect of HIV/ AIDS on the African American community. Additionally, he has conducted research and prepared text and film on the impact of migration on African Americans and Latinos in South Bronx, New York, which is permanently housed in the Fordham University Sociology Department.