Student Historian

Colin McBride is a Seattle native. He attends the University of Washington, where he is pursuing a degree in English. His love of history was instilled by his grandmother at a young age and he hopes to pass some of that passion on to others. In his spare time he plays guitar and sometimes sings.

William Sidney Pittman (1875-1958)

William Sidney Pittman was a noted black architect and advocate for civil rights. Working in both Washington, D.C. and Dallas, Texas, Pittman made significant contributions to each city’s physical and cultural landscape while also paving the way for more African Americans to become architects. Pittman … Read MoreWilliam Sidney Pittman (1875-1958)

Mahala Ashley Dickerson (1912-2007)

“Image Ownership: Encyclopedia of Alabama” Prominent lawyer and civil rights advocate Mahala Ashley Dickerson was born on October 12, 1912 in Montgomery County, Alabama. She was dedicated to human rights causes and as a lawyer she often took on the cases involving the rights of … Read MoreMahala Ashley Dickerson (1912-2007)

Theodore “Ted” Rhodes (1913-1969)

Theodore “Ted” Rhodes was one of the earliest professional African American golfers, paving the way for other professional black golfers such as Charlie Sifford, Lee Elder, Renee Powell and Tiger Woods. Rhodes was born on November 9, 1913 in Nashville, Tennessee. While he developed an … Read MoreTheodore “Ted” Rhodes (1913-1969)

The Kansas City Monarchs (1920-1965)

The Kansas City (Missouri) Monarchs were the most prominent baseball team to play in the Negro Leagues. Formed in 1920, they were also the longest-running team in the Leagues, disbanding in 1965. Many famous players were on the Monarchs roster, including the hall of fame … Read MoreThe Kansas City Monarchs (1920-1965)