Independent Historian

Maryam Azeeza Muhammad is a poet and journalist hailing from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She graduated from Temple University in 2023 with a Bachelor’s Journalism and a minor in Africology and African American Studies. During her academic journey, Maryam developed a profound appreciation for the rich histories and cultural contributions of the African diaspora, which deeply influences her work.

In 2021, Muhammad published her debut poetry collection, Bantu Knots and Butterflies, an evocative book exploring themes of identity, growing pains, and transformation.

A dedicated journalist, Muhammad often uses her platform to shed light on underrepresented communities and issues of social justice. Her work reflects a commitment to honesty and compassion, aiming to inspire change and foster understanding through her writings. She continues to write, driven by a passion for storytelling through journalism and pulling on her unique perspective.

Glanis Changachirere (1983- )

Glanis Changachirere is a Zimbabwean feminist, human rights activist, and scholar. Changachirere is the founding Director of the Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) and the founding Coordinator of the African Women’s Leader Forum (AWLF). She received a master’s degree in international relations (Gender) and … Read MoreGlanis Changachirere (1983- )