Independent Historian

Natalie Finney Mallard started her career in real estate, primarily working with escrow transactions.  She felt that was a great place to start since her family was in the real estate industry.  Later in life, event planning became a passion, creating and managing special development events such as fund raisers, as well as preparation of floral design and event ambience.  Natalie also plans weddings, showers, and parties.  West Los Angeles College and CSU, Dominguez Hills were the institutions she chose to enhance her education.

Natalie’s great uncle, who was her grandmother Bernice Malbrue’s brother Onie Burnett Granville, founded the first African American commercial state bank in Los Angeles, The Bank of Finance.  Natalie donated some artifacts from The Bank of Finance to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, D.C.  The artifacts include the bronze cornerstone plaque listing the founder and organizers, as well as other memorabilia, which is a part of their Business History Collection.

Natalie has designed a PowerPoint presentation on the history of The Bank of Finance which she has been speaking on and presenting at schools, libraries, and organizations.

Onie Burnett Granville (1916-1998)

Visionary businessman Onie Burnett Granville, a Los Angeles, California Realtor, founded two black-owned and operated state-chartered banks in the 1960s, the Bank of Finance in Los Angeles in 1964 and the Freedom Bank of Finance in Portland, Oregon in 1968.  Both banks were the first of their kind in their respective cities and among the … Read MoreOnie Burnett Granville (1916-1998)

Freedom Bank of Finance (1969-2000)

In 1968, a group of businessmen in Portland, Oregon saw the recently founded Bank of Finance in Los Angeles, California as a model for their creating the first black-owned commercial bank in the Pacific Northwest.  The businessmen, with help from Los Angeles, founded the Freedom Bank of Finance, which opened in 1969. The … Read MoreFreedom Bank of Finance (1969-2000)

The (Los Angeles) Bank of Finance (1964-1981)

The Bank of Finance, the first state-chartered, black-owned commercial bank in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 1964.  The bank was established by Onie B. Granville, a local real estate broker. Granville was frustrated by his real estate clients’ difficulties in obtaining home loans and the discriminatory practices they faced … Read MoreThe (Los Angeles) Bank of Finance (1964-1981)