Eleanor Mahoney

Independent Historian

Eleanor Mahoney is a doctoral student of United States history at the University of Washington in Seattle, focusing on labor, the environment, memory and place in late nineteenth and twentieth-century America. She received a Bachelor of Arts in French and History from Amherst College and a Masters in Public History from Loyola University Chicago. She has previously worked for the National Park Service as Assistant National Coordinator for Heritage Areas and for a variety of heritage conservation and labor organizations in Appalachia, the Chesapeake Bay region and New Mexico.

Joseph Salvadore Francisco, Jr. (1955- )

ENTRY SPONSORS: Jerry Large; Carey Gelernter An internationally recognized chemical physicist, Dr. Joseph Salvadore Francisco, Jr. played an important role in explaining the chemical reactions driving ozone depletion in the earth’s atmosphere. At a time when diminution of the ozone layer threatened to increase humans’ … Read MoreJoseph Salvadore Francisco, Jr. (1955- )

Raye Jean Jordan Montague (1935- )

Over the past half century, Ray Jean Jordan Montague, a registered professional engineer, has been incredibly influential in transforming the field of marine vessel construction. A longtime employee of the U.S. Navy and a leader in its transition to the use of Computer-Aided Design and … Read MoreRaye Jean Jordan Montague (1935- )

Evan B. Forde (1952- )

ENTRY SPONSOR: Vian Yasmin An internationally recognized oceanographer, Evan B. Forde became the first African American scientist to complete research dives in a submersible when he journeyed miles underwater in the Nekton Gamma vehicle in 1979. An expert on the formation of submarine canyons, Forde explored the … Read MoreEvan B. Forde (1952- )

Eunice Gray Smith (1923-2006)

Eunice Gray Smith, Seated Far Right, Meets With the Langley Research Center Women’s Advisory Group, 1973 (NASA photo) Image Ownership: Public domain ENTRY SPONSOR: James Williams An accomplished mathematician, Eunice Gray Smith was among the first African American women hired to work at the Langley Memorial … Read MoreEunice Gray Smith (1923-2006)

Walt Braithwaite (1945- )

Image Courtesy of Walt Braithwaite ENTRY SPONSOR: Mark Osterloh If you have flown on a commercial airliner in recent years, chances are you benefited from the engineering and computer science expertise of Walt Braithwaite. During his almost four decades at The Boeing Company (Boeing), Braithwaite helped transform the field … Read MoreWalt Braithwaite (1945- )

Jesse Jarue Mark, Jr. (1905-1971)

In 1935, Dr. Jesse Jarue Mark, Jr. became one of the first African Americans to earn a Ph.D. in botany in the United States. His work focused on the science of crop resilience and productivity, with a focus on how temperature and climate affect alfalfa production. Mark … Read MoreJesse Jarue Mark, Jr. (1905-1971)

Marsha Rhea Williams (1948- )

In 1982, Dr. Marsha Rhea Williams became the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science. A successful educator and researcher in academia, Williams has also held positions in private industry and the public sector. Her scholarship examines a variety of topics, ranging from the … Read MoreMarsha Rhea Williams (1948- )

Marc Regis Hannah (1956- )

Image Ownership: Public domain ENTRY SPONSOR: W.H. (Joe) Knight Even if you have never heard his name, it is likely you have enjoyed the work of Dr. Marc Regis Hannah. An electrical engineer with expertise in computer graphics, Hannah developed the 3-D special effects systems used widely in movies, … Read MoreMarc Regis Hannah (1956- )

Betty Wright Harris (1940- )

Image Ownership: Public domain ENTRY SPONSORS: Janis & Mary Avery An accomplished organic analytical chemist, Dr. Betty Wright Harris is widely recognized as a leading expert on explosives, environmental remediation, and hazardous waste treatment. In 1986, she patented a simple and extremely sensitive spot test for the presence … Read MoreBetty Wright Harris (1940- )

James Edward Maceo West (1931- )

Image Ownership: Public domain ENTRY SPONSOR: Ceroasetta Simba The work of James Edward Maceo West transformed the way people around the world hear and transmit sound. In 1962, West, then a research scientist at Bell Laboratories, developed the foil electret microphone in partnership with his colleague Dr. Gerhard M. … Read MoreJames Edward Maceo West (1931- )