Independent Historian

Lynn Wheeldin Suruma has 50+ years of experience writing and editing a wide variety of products, including books, articles newsletters, brochures and pamphlets, theses, proposals, and reports. Her published work includes children’s stories, magazine articles, poetry, and a monograph (Raising Children Alone: The Legal Issue). Since 1990, she has worked with Teachable Tech, Inc. as editor and writer of curriculum products. Major projects include CNN Newsroom for Turner Learning, a four-page curriculum guide written to current events (five days a week); The Weather Classroom for The Weather Channel; ABC Classroom Connection and ABC NewsConnect for ABC, Inc.; and Building Blocks for a Healthy Start, Social and Health Services.

Ms. Suruma has taught elementary students (K-1) and remedial communications skills to college students. She has worked as a paraprofessional and storyteller in children’s collections in libraries in New York City and New Orleans.

The Stolen Girls (1963)

This entry is for juvenile audiences. To see the full version of this entry, click here. Who are they: In 1963, 200 African American youth protested segregation in downtown Americus, Georgia. Of the girls who were arrested that day, 35 were not released immediately from … Read MoreThe Stolen Girls (1963)