Independent Historian

Lola E. Peters (she/her) writes essays, poems, and short stories reflecting her commitment to building a just society. She has written many poems, articles and opinion pieces for various news sites. She has served as a Voices Editor, Editor-at-Large, and developmental editor of the South Seattle Emerald.

Peters has published a book of essays: The Truth About White People, as well as two collections of poems: Taboos and The Book of David: A Coming of Age Tale, and written articles and essays for many publications. She has been a proud member of Seattle’s African-American Writers’ Alliance since 2007 and served on various boards including Onyx Fine Arts Collective, Leadership Tomorrow, Technology Access Foundation, and Central Area Motivation Program (now Byrd Barr Place). View her website ( for more information, including a list of her published works and access to her blog.Lola