Helen Leichner

Student Historian

Donna Brazile (1959 – )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Donna Brazile, author, campaign manager, adjunct professor, political analyst, and current vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was born December 15, 1959 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Lionel and Jean Brazile. Brazile was the third of nine children, and … Read MoreDonna Brazile (1959 – )

Debbie Allen (1950- )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Deborah “Debbie” Allen, dancer, choreographer, actress, director, and producer was born January 16, 1950 in Houston, Texas to Arthur Allen, a dentist and Vivian Ayers, a poet. Allen comes from a creative family: Allen’s brother “Tex” Allen is a jazz musician, … Read MoreDebbie Allen (1950- )

Hal Jackson (1915-2012 )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Harold “Hal” Jackson, legendary broadcaster, radio station owner, and philanthropist was born November 3, 1915 in Charleston, South Carolina to Eugene and Laura Jackson. Eugene Jackson owned a successful tailor shop in Charleston allowing the family to live in a comfortable … Read MoreHal Jackson (1915-2012 )