Allen L. Lee

Independent Historian

Allen L. Lee is an author and musician with a focus on presenting the history of people of African descent and their cultural evolution into the American West. Museums, schools and libraries augment the education of a diverse American West history with his songs and research. Winner of the California Country Music Association’s, “Songwriter of the Year” for 1999, Allen also worked as a principle artist funded by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2003/04 to help the Riverside, Ca. Mission Inn Museum teach High School students how to discover family artifacts and place value in those artifacts with objective and subjective literature. He owns his own independent recording label, “Rollin’ Country Records,” and writes both fiction and non-fiction about the Black West, including “The Horse Chiefs,” and “West America,” both fiction, and a monthly non-fiction article published on the web titled “From Africa To The American West.”

Eagleson, William Lewis

Map of Kansas, 1872 Restrictive racial policies rather than the African American ability to organize appear to be the cause for slowed progress for African Americans in the American West.  African American organizational abilities are aptly demonstrated in the life of William L. Eagleson of … Read MoreEagleson, William Lewis