Student Historian

Mackenzie Lanum is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington, Seattle, studying History and Near Eastern Civilizations.  Upon graduating she hopes to write books that will present history to children in an age-appropriate, yet accurate, manner.

John Wesley Work III (1901-1967)

John Wesley Work III, internationally acclaimed composer, educator, choral director, and ethnomusicologist, was born in 1901 in Tullahoma, Tennessee to musicians John Work, Jr., and Agnes Haynes. Both of Work’s parents were employed at Fisk University, his father as a professor of music and his mother … Read MoreJohn Wesley Work III (1901-1967)

Vernon D. Jarrett (1918-2004)

Vernon Jarrett was a Chicago journalist and advocate for education.  Born on June 19, 1921 in Paris, Tennessee, Jarrett received his undergraduate training from Knoxville College where he was editor of the campus newspaper.  He graduated from Knoxville College in 1941 and soon afterwards joined … Read MoreVernon D. Jarrett (1918-2004)