Student Historian

Lane Howell is a freshman at Texas A&M University from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is pursuing a degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences. Lane hopes to continue research in youth development during her undergraduate studies to better community parks and recreation department programs for the next generation. She is a potential candidate as a representative for her major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council at TAMU. She is planning to join the religious organization Youth Impact, which serves the College Station area’s youth through after-school programming. Lane believes that furthering stories of Black history in American society is essential to creating a more aware, compassionate, and accepting culture.

Reverend Henry Clay Anderson (1911-1998)

Reverend Henry Clay Anderson was a pastor, teacher, veteran, and photographer, best known for capturing the lives of the black middle class of Greenville, Mississippi from 1948 to 1986. He was born in Nitta Yuma, Mississippi, in 1911 and spent his childhood in Hollandale outside … Read MoreReverend Henry Clay Anderson (1911-1998)