Student Historian

Stephanie Knight is currently completing an MA in sociology at Antioch McGregor University located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The focus of her thesis is the intersection of homelessness and incarceration with a specific emphasis on the role of systemic racism. Ms. Knight facilitates courses for newly released individuals reentering the workforce and is employed as a social worker.

Victoria Jackson Gray Adams (1926-2006)

Born in Hattiesburg, Virginia on November 5, 1926, Victoria Jackson Gray Adams became one of the most important Mississipians in the Civil Rights Movement.  Her activities included teaching voter registration courses to domestics and sharecroppers, opening of the Freedom Schools during Mississippi’s Freedom Summer of … Read MoreVictoria Jackson Gray Adams (1926-2006)

Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin (1842-1924)

Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin was born into one of Boston’s leading families on August 31, 1842.  St. Pierre’s mother was an English-born white woman and her father was from the island of Martinique, and founder of the Boston Zion Church.  The St. Pierre’s sent their … Read MoreJosephine St. Pierre Ruffin (1842-1924)