Alexander Klein

Student Historian

Alexander Klein spent just under two years at the University of Michigan but is currently finishing his studies at the University of Washington pursuing a double major in Economics and Communications with a minor in History. Alex plays on the University of Washington soccer team and is a huge fan of all sports.

Earl “Fatha” Hines (1903-1983)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Earl “Fatha” Hines was an African-American jazz musician who composed and played piano. Hines was born on December 28, 1903 in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Both of his parents and a number of his siblings were musicians as well. Hines started playing music … Read MoreEarl “Fatha” Hines (1903-1983)

Edward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Artist Edward Bannister was a painter who concentrated on pastoral landscape scenes depicting the beauty and serenity of nature. He was the first African American artist to receive a national award. Bannister was born in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada in … Read MoreEdward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901)

William “Bill”Pinkney (1935- )

William “Bill” Pinkney is the first African American, and only the fourth person in the world to circumnavigate the globe alone by boat. Pinkney was born on September 15, 1935, in Chicago, Illinois to Marion Henderson Pinkney and William Pinkney, Sr.  He attended Tilden Tech … Read MoreWilliam “Bill”Pinkney (1935- )