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Michael Kissinger is in his fourth year at the University of Washington, Seattle, and is majoring in the Social Sciences, particularly Law and Political Science. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native is pursuing a career in teaching English abroad.

Joshua Rose (1906-1987)

Oakland, California’s first black city councilman Joshua Rose was born in Lexington, Virginia on September 11, 1906 to George and Mary Charles Rose.  His family relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Joshua attended Schenley High School.  He then enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, supporting his … Read MoreJoshua Rose (1906-1987)

St. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church, New York City, New York (1809- )

St. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church was the first African American Episcopal parish in New York City, New York.  It was also one of the largest Christian congregations in the United States at one time. The church originated from the meetings of a group of free … Read MoreSt. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church, New York City, New York (1809- )

The Church of St. Mark, Brooklyn, New York (1838- )

The Church of St. Mark in Brooklyn, New York was originally established by a group of black Episcopalians in 1838.  The next year, Dr. Samuel M. Haskins was asked to be rector (pastor), the role he would maintain for 60 years.  By April 1841 the … Read MoreThe Church of St. Mark, Brooklyn, New York (1838- )

The Colored Players (1926-1929)

The Scar of Shame Movie Title Page “Image Ownership: Public Domain” The Colored Players Film Corporation was a silent film production company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early twentieth century. Though short-lived, it was able to add some much needed respectability to black … Read MoreThe Colored Players (1926-1929)

The Lafayette Players (1915-1932)

The Lafayette Players were a dramatic stock company composed entirely of African American actors.  Originally from Harlem, this first of its kind group introduced audiences to the idea that black actors were capable of taking on a variety of roles and displaying a much greater … Read MoreThe Lafayette Players (1915-1932)