Barret Kaubisch

Student Historian

Barret Kaubisch is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington majoring in History and Political Science. He has aspirations to travel after graduating and take a year off by enrolling in the Jet program or just working before attending graduate school in international relations.

New Mexico Territory Slave Code (1859-1867)

Slavery in New Mexico Territory was never focused on black bondage as in the Southern states. New Mexico Territory never had more than a dozen or so black slaves because it had other forms sources of coerced labor, both Native American indentured servants and slaves, … Read MoreNew Mexico Territory Slave Code (1859-1867)

The Apollo Theatre (1913– )

Image Ownership: Public Domain The Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York is the most famous performance venue associated with African American entertainers.  The New York Theatre that became the Apollo was built in 1913 by Jules Hurtig and Harry Seamon, two burlesque theatre operators and … Read MoreThe Apollo Theatre (1913– )

Sickle Cell Anemia

Microscopic Image of Sickle and Healthy Red Blood Cells Image Ownership: Public Domain Sickle cell anemia is a disease that warps red blood cells into a sickle like shape due to problems with their hemoglobin. Hemoglobin resides inside a red blood cell and carries oxygen … Read MoreSickle Cell Anemia