Independent Historian

Karen Jordan is a freelance writer and co-founder of the skincare line, EmmGerri. A member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, she has a master’s degree from Stanford University and is a cum laude graduate of Wellesley College.  The Nashville, Tennessee native has worked as a television reporter and producer.  A former staff writer at The Nashville Tennessean, Karen has written several newspaper and magazine articles on her great-grandfather, the first African-American doctor in Coweta County, Georgia, and her great-great-grandfather, the first African-American physician to practice medicine in Houston, Texas. She is also writing a book on the subject.

William Alexander Scott II (1902-1934)

William Alexander Scott II, the founder of the Atlanta Daily World newspaper, was born in 1902 in Edwards, Mississippi. Scott, who was educated at Morehouse College around World War I, initially began publishing a business directory in Atlanta. However, he was interested in encouraging conversation … Read MoreWilliam Alexander Scott II (1902-1934)