Kendra Jeffrey

Independent Historian

Kendra Jeffrey was born in Southern California and has lived in the Seattle area since the age of 9. Kendra is a 2007 graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington where she majored in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in writing (Children’s writing emphasis). Her areas of interest are Native American studies, Multiethnic/Multiracial studies, African American studies, Museum Studies and traveling. Kendra is currently working at the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, Washington

August Wilson (1945-2005)

The fourth of seven children in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, August Wilson was born Frederick August Kittel, April 27, 1945 to an African American mother and a German immigrant father. By the time he was five, his parents divorced. His mother remarried in the late 1950s … Read MoreAugust Wilson (1945-2005)