Student Historian

Jean-Marie Holmes, who prefers to go by GiGi, is a first-generation sophomore at Texas A&M University. She studies Food Science and Technology and has recently picked up a minor in Sports Management. She has plans to pursue her master’s degree in Nutrition and enjoys learning about food and how it works in the body. She is the youngest of four kids and has a twin brother who attends the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she reps H-Town through and through. The perfect mix of city and country, and she enjoys attending and participating in rodeos and trail rides. She plans on pursuing a career in R&D for big-name food companies in her future.

Bromley Lloyd Armstrong (1926-2018)

Born on February 9, 1926, Bromley Lloyd Armstrong was a Canadian civil rights activist, community organizer, trade unionist, and Jamaican immigrant. He was heavily involved in Canada’s blossoming civil rights era, beginning with his arrival in 1947. Born in Kingston, Jamaica to working-class parents, Eric … Read MoreBromley Lloyd Armstrong (1926-2018)