Student Historian

Joelle Jackson is an International Studies major and Human Rights minor at the University of Washington, Seattle.  She is passionate about social justice and the exploration of other cultures and languages.  After she graduates, she plans on joining the Peace Corps.


Port Royal Experiment (1862-1865)

The Port Royal Experiment, the first major attempt by Northerners to reconstruct the Southern political and economic system, began only seven months after the firing on Fort Sumter. On November 7, 1861 the Union Army occupied South Carolina’s Sea Islands, freeing approximately 10,000 slaves. As … Read MorePort Royal Experiment (1862-1865)

USA / Corps d’Afrique 1st Louisiana Native Guard (1862-1863)

The 1st Louisiana Native Guard (USA) was one of the first all-black regiments to fight in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The Guard originated in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1862, during its occupation by Union forces. On September 27, 1862, Major General … Read MoreUSA / Corps d’Afrique 1st Louisiana Native Guard (1862-1863)

CSA 1st Louisiana Native Guard (1861-1862)

The 1st Louisiana Native Guard was the first official black regiment in the Confederate Army. The Guard was formed when Louisiana Governor Thomas Overton Moore accepted into the state militia a regiment of approximately 1,100 free African American men. When Governor Moore called for troops … Read MoreCSA 1st Louisiana Native Guard (1861-1862)