Gail Arlene Ito

Independent Historian

Gail Arlene Ito is a retired Elementary School Administrator from Regina, Saskatchewan .She has a 30 year background in elementary education, special education and administrative roles in several elementary schools. Ito attended the University of Regina, Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington, earning a Bachelor of Education, a Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Ito has a 40 year involvement in the community of Regina and many volunteer activities include being a member and coach of the Saskatchewan Field Hockey Assoc. helping to organize the annual tournaments at Taylor Field. Ito has worked with the Regina Teachers Club to raise funds for research for Parkinson’s disease. She has also been a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders committee to promote ticket sales and donations for the Food Bank.

Lerone Bennett (1928- )

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