Daniel Helton

Student Historian
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Daniel Helton is an undergraduate at the University of Washington. Hailing from Bellevue, WA, he now pursues a degree in geography in Seattle. His writings here are informed by his minor in studies of the African diaspora.

Lisette Titre (1977- )

ENTRY SPONSOR: Quintard Taylor Lisette Titre is an American video game artist and designer best known for her work as an artist for Electronic Arts. Little is known about her personal life beyond the fact that she was born in 1977.  Titre graduated magna cum laude from the Miami International University … Read MoreLisette Titre (1977- )

André Rebouças (1838-1898)

Image Ownership: Public domain André Pinto Rebouças was a Brazilian engineer and abolitionist, best known for creating one of the world’s first self-propelled torpedoes during the Paraguayan War. Rebouças was born on January 13, 1838 in Cachoeira, Brazil. The son of Antônio Pereira Rebouças, a prominent lawyer and politician … Read MoreAndré Rebouças (1838-1898)

Charles Chappelle (1872-1941)

Charles Ward Chappelle was an American engineer and businessman best known for his award-winning long-distance airplane in 1911 and his tenure as president of the African Union Company from 1913 to 1930. In January of 1911, Chappelle presented at the First Industrial Aero Show, a showcase of aircraft and … Read MoreCharles Chappelle (1872-1941)