Academic Historian

Roger Hardaway is professor of history at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. A native of Tennessee, he majored in both history and political science as an undergraduate at Middle Tennessee State University. He holds masters degrees in history from New Mexico State University and the University of Wyoming and in political science from Eastern New Mexico University. He received a J.D. from the University of Memphis and the D.A. in history from the University of North Dakota. He has concentrated much of his research and writing on African Americans in the American West; he is the author of A Narrative Bibliography of the African-American Frontier: Blacks in the Rocky Mountain West, 1535-1912 and the coeditor of African Americans on the Western Frontier.

Leonard Reed (1907-2004)

Leonard Reed, noted dancer and entertainment businessman, co-created the famous Shim Sham Shimmy tap routine that has been replicated for centuries by tappers the world over. He was also associated with Joe Louis (1914-1981) during the heavyweight boxer’s efforts to break down golf’s color barrier. … Read MoreLeonard Reed (1907-2004)