Marianne Hanson

Independent Historian

Marianne Hanson was born and raised by Swedish immigrant parents in Seattle, Washington. At high school she won a national art scholarship and studied locally. After various careers and years later she completed a BA degree, magnum cum laude, at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Her career has encompassed graphic design, illustration, editorial writing, poetry, theatre costume design and art gallery development in three states. She has returned to fine arts, showing her 2D work in several one-man shows and in support of feral cats and other charitable causes. She writes nonfiction articles that include her photographs and sketches.

Tanner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1887- )

Tanner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Phoenix is the oldest African American Church in the State of Arizona.  Tanner Chapel was founded by African American settlers who came to Arizona Territory to escape racism, oppression, and violence in the post-Reconstruction South.  They also came … Read MoreTanner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1887- )

Grant Chapel AME Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1883- )

Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church was the first black church in New Mexico and was organized during the state’s territorial period. Although New Mexico Territory had a few slaves before the Civil War, African Americans began arriving in the region in significant numbers … Read MoreGrant Chapel AME Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1883- )

George Theophilus Walker (1922- )

Winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music is one of the multitude of richly deserved tributes to composer, pianist, and educator George Theophilus Walker. His prolific career continues into his 90s with his commissioned Sinfonia No. 4 (Strands), premiered in 2012 by the New Jersey Symphony … Read MoreGeorge Theophilus Walker (1922- )

Hale Smith (1925–2009)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Performer, composer, arranger and teacher, Hale Smith, Jr., encompassed the worlds of jazz and classical music. Beginning with his childhood in Cleveland, Ohio, he trained in jazz and classical composition, performance, and teaching. His collaborations and influence crossed multiple fields where … Read MoreHale Smith (1925–2009)

Kermit Moore (1929-2013)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Over a long distinguished career Kermit Moore has been a cellist of outstanding acclaim, an orchestra conductor, composer, teacher, and mentor. Through these activities in classical music he has been successful in breaking down racial and social barriers. Moore was born … Read MoreKermit Moore (1929-2013)

Reri Grist (1932- )

Reri Grist is an internationally acclaimed lyric and coloratura soprano noted for her “silvery tone, flawless technique and stupendous acting.” Beginning her singing career as Consuelo in Leonard Bernstein’s musical “West Side Story” in 1957, she introduced the song “Somewhere” to the public.  After that … Read MoreReri Grist (1932- )

R. Nathaniel Dett (1882-1943)

From precocious five-year-old piano player in the 1890s to internationally known choral director, composer, concert pianist, and poet, R. Nathaniel Dett became champion for preservation of the black spiritual which he called authentic American folk music: He dedicated his life to finding a musical form … Read MoreR. Nathaniel Dett (1882-1943)