Independent Historian

Marshall Greenlaw was born in Seattle in 1995 to his parents John and Christine Greenlaw.  He has lived in the Seattle area his entire life.  He attended King’s High School in Shoreline, Washington, graduating in 2014. Marshall is currently attending the University of Washington, studying political science with a minor in history.  Marshall’s interest in history was largely inspired by a trip he took to Washington D.C. in eighth grade, as well as watching Ken Burns documentaries like The Civil War and Baseball. Marshall’s hobbies include golf, running, hiking, reading and slow pitch softball.

Charlotte Riot of 2016

The Charlotte Riot of 2016 was a protest that lasted for three days and came in the wake of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting.  Beginning on September 20, the riot resulted in violence with one protester killed and numerous injured police officers. On September 20, a black Charlotte-Mecklenburg police … Read MoreCharlotte Riot of 2016

Keith Lamont Scott (1973-2016)

One of the biggest riots in the history of Charlotte, North Carolina, came in reaction to the shooting involving Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old Black man. The shooting, along with the ensuing riot, garnered international news attention. It also advanced the debate promulgated by the Black Lives Matter movement on … Read MoreKeith Lamont Scott (1973-2016)

Terence Crutcher (1976-2016)

On September 16, 2016, a 43-year-old Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher. The circumstances of the shooting would become the source of a police investigation and a separate Civil Rights investigation by the Department of Justice. A trial resulting in an acquittal for Shelby and … Read MoreTerence Crutcher (1976-2016)

Indian Severalty (The Dawes and Curtis Acts) and Black Indian Freedmen

In the late nineteenth century, black Indian freedmen were uniquely affected by the Indian Severalty Acts. Black freedmen had lived in the Indian Territory since before the Civil War, with many having originally come as slaves. While the severalty acts were primarily a legislative effort … Read MoreIndian Severalty (The Dawes and Curtis Acts) and Black Indian Freedmen

The Robert Nero Controversy (1983- )

The Robert Nero controversy refers to a late 20th Century case involving the issue of Indian identity among Cherokee Freedmen, the blacks who culturally identify with the Cherokee Nation.  The controversy began with a legal class action lawsuit brought before the U.S. District Court in … Read MoreThe Robert Nero Controversy (1983- )

Michael Morgan (1957-2021)

As a classical music conductor, Michael Morgan has been instrumental in bringing his eclectic orchestral leadership style to a diverse audience. Since becoming musical director of the Oakland East Bay Symphony Orchestra in 1990, Morgan has become well respected, particularly in the African American community … Read MoreMichael Morgan (1957-2021)