Independent Historian

Marshall Greenlaw was born in Seattle in 1995 to his parents John and Christine Greenlaw.  He has lived in the Seattle area his entire life.  He attended King’s High School in Shoreline, Washington, graduating in 2014. Marshall is currently attending the University of Washington, studying political science with a minor in history.  Marshall’s interest in history was largely inspired by a trip he took to Washington D.C. in eighth grade, as well as watching Ken Burns documentaries like The Civil War and Baseball. Marshall’s hobbies include golf, running, hiking, reading and slow pitch softball.

Clarence Benjamin Jones (1931- )

As a lawyer, speechwriter, and close friend to Martin Luther King, Jr., Clarence Jones was a key figure in the background of the Civil Rights movement.  While Jones’ own accomplishments were numerous, his touch on history has been relatively silent compared to the individuals with whom he was associated. Clarence … Read MoreClarence Benjamin Jones (1931- )

Clarence E. “Big House” Gaines, (1923-2005)

College Basketball has had many legendary coaches that have become household names through their success on the court. For Coach Clarence Edward Gaines, known as “Big House” for his large frame, winning was a habit that led him to the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in 1982. While … Read MoreClarence E. “Big House” Gaines, (1923-2005)

Frederic Ellis Davison (1917-1999)

As an Army Major General, Frederic Ellis Davison paved the way for many African Americans who became military officers.  Through Davison’s decorated career, those he led and served alongside respected him. His legacy as an officer in World War II and the Vietnam War marked his place in both military and … Read MoreFrederic Ellis Davison (1917-1999)

Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier (1932- )

Though Roosevelt Grier is most known for his All-Pro football career with the New York Giants and Los Angeles (California) Rams, he has become associated with many other ventures. Grier’s more than half century of being in the public eye has included writing, acting, singing, ministry, and politics. Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier was born … Read MoreRoosevelt “Rosey” Grier (1932- )

James F. Jones / “Prophet Jones” (1907-1971)

James F. Jones stood out for many years within black American religious circles. Known for his lavish living and mysterious persona, Jones’ followers referred to him as “Prophet Jones” and were captivated by his sermons. With his roots in the Black Church, Jones would influence the subsequent televangelism … Read MoreJames F. Jones / “Prophet Jones” (1907-1971)

The Oscar Grant (Oakland) Protests, 2009-2011

The shooting on New Year’s of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old black man from Oakland, California, sparked major protests against excessive deadly force used by the police.  These protests began less than a week after Grant had been shot and killed by Johannes Mehserle, a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) … Read MoreThe Oscar Grant (Oakland) Protests, 2009-2011

Baltimore Protests and Riots, 2015

The death of a 25-year-old black man, Freddie Gray, while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department led to an outcry in Baltimore, Maryland and eventually across the nation. As the tensions became greater, peaceful protests became violent and resulted in the most extensive rioting in Baltimore since the 1960s. Unlike … Read MoreBaltimore Protests and Riots, 2015

Crown Heights (Brooklyn) New York Riot, 1991

On August 19, 1991, two African American cousins named Gavin and Angela Cato were playing in the streets of Brooklyn, New York.  As Gavin went to adjust his bike lock, an Orthodox Jewish driver named Yosefl Lifsch, who was part of a motorcade for notable Rabbi … Read MoreCrown Heights (Brooklyn) New York Riot, 1991