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Dorothy Granberry, Ph.D., is currently the Chief Officer of Bridges Research, a research and consultation enterprise based in Bessemer, Alabama. Dr. Granberry is a Retired Professor of Psychology and Title III Director, Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee. She holds doctorate in social psychology from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Granberry has held faculty positions at Florida A&M University and Tennessee State. In 1990, she developed in conjunction with the Tennessee Committee for the Humanities a traveling exhibit, Striving to Teach the Children: African American Education in Haywood County, Tennessee and A Piece of the Pie, African American Land Ownership in Haywood County, Tennessee. The latter exhibit was shown in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute’s traveling exhibit, “Barn Again.

Z. Alexander Looby (1899-1972)

Z. Alexander Looby was among the small cadre of African American lawyers who began practicing in the southern United States during the 1920s and 1930s. Often considered the “second generation of black attorneys,” these lawyers followed the first cadre of African Americans who began practicing … Read MoreZ. Alexander Looby (1899-1972)

Samuel Allen McElwee (1857-1914)

During the first twenty-five years following the American Civil War and the emancipation, many African American men in the South were elected to state legislatures and local government posts. Among those in Tennessee was Samuel Allen McElwee from Haywood County, one of the two western … Read MoreSamuel Allen McElwee (1857-1914)