Elizabeth Fawthrop

Student Historian

Elizabeth Fawthrop is an undergraduate student, majoring in Political Science, at the University of Washington, Seattle.  After graduation Elizabeth intends to pursue a career in public policy.  She is currently involved in anti-racist and social justice movements.  

Samuel DuBois Cook (1928- )

Image Courtesy of Clemson University Samuel DuBois Cook is a retired Dillard University president and, with his appointment to the Duke University faculty in 1966, was the first African American professor to hold a regular faculty appointment at any predominantly white college or university in … Read MoreSamuel DuBois Cook (1928- )

Dexter Gordon (1923-1990)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Dexter Gordon was a pioneering jazz saxophonist who made a career of expertly blending rhythm and romance on the bandstand and the silver screen. Nicknamed “Long Tall Dex” for his 6-foot 5-inch frame, the Los Angeles, California native was born … Read MoreDexter Gordon (1923-1990)