Independent Historian

Philip Arko Ewusi02.jpg Paa Kwesi Arko Cee (legal name, Philip Arko Ewusi) is a Ghanaian academic and award-winning author and poet. He is the winner of the 2017 Ghana writers’ Award in the short story category with his work “University of Hard Knocks.” He holds a certificate in Agriculture Science from Accra Academy, Ghana. He is in his final year in Foso College of Education, Ghana pursuing a Diploma in Science and Mathematics Education. He is a historian by familiarity with colonization in western Africa where he was born and bred. He is completing a new book titled To the Gold Coast which is a work of fiction exploring Europeans early encounter with African Negroes in the mid fifteenth century. When he is free, he likes to write, read, talk about pressing issues and listen to music. He lives and tutors in Ghana.