Elizabeth Erbach

Student Historian

Elizabeth Erbach is a Sophomore at Berea College, majoring in History. She works for the Berea College Information Systems and Services department, maintaining the school’s website, and is active in the Berea Gay-Straight Alliance. Before attending Berea, Elizabeth spent several years doing humanitarian work in Ethiopia, and working with at-risk youth in inner city areas of the United States. After graduation, she plans to earn an MA in counseling and continue working with youth.

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church [Montgomery] (1883– )

Image Ownership: Public Domain The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church was built in 1883 on the corner of Dexter Avenue and Decatur Street in Montgomery, Alabama.  The church served as a meeting place and planning hub for some of the most influential actions of the Civil … Read MoreDexter Avenue Baptist Church [Montgomery] (1883– )