Student Historian

Emily Ezar is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University in College Station. She is studying a University Studies degree being Race, Gender, and Ethnicity. She is also pursuing two minors, which are gender studies and Public Health, with a focus on nursing. In her fourth year, she is set to graduate in May 2021 and attend accelerated nursing school in Austin, Texas, with dreams of becoming a CRNA. A CRNA that will take the best care of everyone regardless of race, religious views, and gender to make the medical field a better place.

Southern Conference For Human Welfare (1938-1948)

The South Conference For Human Welfare (SCHW), and the Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF) which evolved out of it, were part of a broad movement to promote New Deal policies, civil rights, and economic and political reform in the South. Twelve hundred people, about 25% … Read MoreSouthern Conference For Human Welfare (1938-1948)