Amber Eaton

Independent Historian

Amber Eaton is a student at the University of Washington currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Comparative History of Ideas. She will be graduating the Spring of 2009.  At the time of this entry, she was a student in Dr. Quintard Taylor’s class on African Americans in the American West at the University of Washington.

The New Negro Alliance (1933-1940’s)

The New Negro Alliance (NNA) was a Washington, D.C. based organization founded in 1933 by mostly middle class blacks to use pickets, economic boycotts, and other direct action protests to promote civil rights. It sought to increase African American employment opportunities, especially in white collar … Read MoreThe New Negro Alliance (1933-1940’s)

Mongo Santamaria (1917–2003)

Image Ownership:  Public Domain Born in Cuba on April 7, 1917, Mongo Santamaria is an Afro-Cuban percussionist who became an influential musician in the United States in the 1950s.  His given name is Ramón Santamaría Rodríguez.  Nicknamed Mongo by his father, Santamaria believes his nickname … Read MoreMongo Santamaria (1917–2003)