Independent Historian
Douglas Edelstein taught history in the Seattle Public Schools from 1994-2017. His Masters in Education is from the Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University, and his Bachelor of Science degree is in English from the University of Washington. He has been an adjunct instructor at Seattle University’s Masters in Education program. He has also worked as an editor and writer, among many other jobs. His goal at is to gather and post excellent Black History curriculum on the website, so that educators around the US and the world can have easy access to high-quality, classroom-tested projects, lessons and units, and thus teach more Black history using best-practice methods.

Cincinnati Riots of 1829

Racism and economic tensions fulminated in Cincinnati, Ohio in August of 1829, resulting in white violence against African Americans over a two-week period in August 17-22. White mobs estimated at times at 200 to 300 led by Irish immigrants invaded the riverfront area where African Americans lived with the … Read MoreCincinnati Riots of 1829