Independent Historian

David J. Mason, owner, and founder of HMG ePublishing, LLC, is an award-winning author and entrepreneur on the Internet since 1997, providing electronic books (ebooks) and telecommunication services. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, he specializes in ebooks preparation, production, promotion, distribution, and fulfillment. His curiosity for digital publishing began during the early formation of the ebooks publishing industry when he converted one of his previously published traditional manuals into an ebook.

Mr. Mason holds a Master of Science in chemistry from Hampton University in Virginia and a Bachelor of Science from Norfolk State University. He is a graduate of the Army War College. A Civil War and Black history enthusiast, Mr. Mason researched Private Parson Sykes’ military service and, in September 2022, published The Self-Liberation of Parson Sykes: Enslavement in Southampton County, Virginia, based on his findings as a documental novel. He also authored the Environmental Compliance Tool Kit (Thompson Publishing Group, 1994).