Independent Historian

Demetrice P. Dalton has been a resident of Northern Nevada for over 35 years. She grew up enjoying the clean air and generous amounts of sunshine that only the Silver State can offer. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She developed a love for African American and Native American history early on. She has a Fine Arts Degree from the California Academy of Art & Design and is a professional artist, seasonal gallery owner and retired high school art instructor. She often uses subjects from diverse cultures in her art to promote cultural awareness.  Demetrice is certified in non-profit management. She is the Administrative Manager, Graphic Artist and Website/Social Media Manager at Our Story, Inc., which is a non-profit that gathers and shares the stories and accomplishments of African Americans in Northern Nevada History.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Reno, Nevada (1907– )

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Bethel AME Church Reno is the longest operating African-American congregation in Nevada. An African Methodist Episcopal congregation of seven organized it in 1907. Its first building was constructed in 1910 at 220 Bell Street in Reno, Nevada. The AME Church sent Reverend … Read MoreBethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Reno, Nevada (1907– )