Nate Christensen

Independent Historian

Nathan Christensen is a University of Washington graduate whose abiding enthusiasm for history drove him to earn a bachelor of arts in that field and to  contribute to His entries are the product of research conducted under UW Professor Quintard Taylor’s tutelage. He is currently working towards teacher certification and a Masters in Teaching.

John Brown’s Christmas Raid into Missouri 1858

John Brown’s preferred method of battling slavery was to free hundreds at a time in a single attack. However, the week of Christmas 1858, he made an exception and successfully rescued eleven Missouri slaves, throwing the region into a state of anxiety and adding another … Read MoreJohn Brown’s Christmas Raid into Missouri 1858

Maynard Jackson Sr. (1894-1953)

Rev. Dr. Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Sr. carried on two family traditions: preaching and politics.  The son of Alexander Stephens Jackson, a Baptist minister from New Orleans, and Odalie Alice Morse Jackson.  Jackson was born into New Orleans’s Negro-Creole Society on May 3, 1894. Like his father, … Read MoreMaynard Jackson Sr. (1894-1953)

Dunbar Hotel (1928- )

The Dunbar Hotel, ca. 1930 Image Ownership: Public Domain The Great Migration brought many African Americans to Los Angeles in the 1920s. Housing covenants and other forms of discrimination followed them and forced the creation of a black community along South Central Avenue. For decades, … Read MoreDunbar Hotel (1928- )

Oberlin-Wellington Rescue (1858)

Participants in the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, 1859 Image Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society Tensions leading up to the Civil War often manifested themselves through conflicts over the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue was one such instance of this. It was a struggle … Read MoreOberlin-Wellington Rescue (1858)

Allen B. Light (1805- ?)

Allen Light’s Sailor’s Papers, 1827 Image Ownership: Public Domain The African American experience in California in the years just prior to the Gold Rush included more than just overland immigrants. Allen B. Light, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arrived in Santa Barbara, California in 1835 as … Read MoreAllen B. Light (1805- ?)