Independent Historian

Tichaona Chinyelu, an author of three independently published books of poetry, has incorporated her love of history into her various poems since publishing her first book in 2006. An independent historian, Ms. Chinyelu is a lifelong believer in the adage “of all of our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research.” As a parent who formerly home-schooled her son, she has imparted this understanding and plans on improving her knowledge of African and African American history through independent reading as well as professional studies.

The Delfonics (1966-1975)

The Delfonics, an R&B vocal band whose founding members were William “Poogie” Hart, Wilbert Hart, Randy Cain, Ritchie Daniels, and arranger/ producer Thom Bell, formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 1960s. They are credited with significantly contributing to the development of the Philadelphia sound … Read MoreThe Delfonics (1966-1975)

Teju Cole (1975- )

Teju Cole is a photographer, art historian, and an award-winning author of four books which display the wide range of his interests: Every Day is for the Thief (2007), a novella; Open City (2012), a full-length novel; Known and Strange Things (2016), a collection of essays; Blind Spot (2017), a photobook. Teju Cole, the nom de plume of … Read MoreTeju Cole (1975- )

George Moses Horton (1797-ca. 1880)

George Moses Horton, the first African American to publish a collection of poetry in the South during the antebellum period, was the author of three collections of poetry: The Hope of Liberty (1829), The Poetical Works of George M. Horton (1845) and Naked Genius(1865). George Moses was born enslaved to William Horton on a plantation in North … Read MoreGeorge Moses Horton (1797-ca. 1880)