Academic Historian

Dr. Casey D. Nichols is a specialist in African American history, with particular attention to twentieth century America, urban history, the American west, and comparative studies in race and ethnicity. Dr. Nichols holds a PhD in history from Stanford University. Her doctoral dissertation examined the relationship between African Americans and Mexican Americans in Los Angeles, paying close attention to how antipoverty policy became a battleground for black/brown relations starting in the 1960s.

Los Angeles Forum (1903-1942)

Founded in 1903 by J.E. Edwards, Jefferson Lewis Edmunds, and Frederick Roberts, the Los Angeles Forum served as a civil rights organization dedicated to addressing black grievances in Los Angeles, California. Although the organization fell prior to the African American Civil Rights Movement, the activism … Read MoreLos Angeles Forum (1903-1942)

Kelly Miller (1863-1939)

Kelly Miller, mathematician, intellectual, and political activist, was born on July 18, 1863 in Winnsboro, South Carolina to Kelly and Elizabeth Miller. Like many African Americans who took advantage of increased educational opportunities after the civil war, Miller attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. He … Read MoreKelly Miller (1863-1939)