Casey Nichols

Academic Historian

Dr. Casey D. Nichols is a specialist in African American history, with particular attention to twentieth century America, urban history, the American west, and comparative studies in race and ethnicity. Dr. Nichols holds a PhD in history from Stanford University. Her doctoral dissertation examined the relationship between African Americans and Mexican Americans in Los Angeles, paying close attention to how antipoverty policy became a battleground for black/brown relations starting in the 1960s.

Little Rock Crisis, 1957

In 1954, the United States Supreme Court declared public school segregation unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education. One year later, the Court reiterated its ruling, calling on school districts throughout the United States to desegregate their public schools “with all deliberate speed.” While some school districts began developing … Read MoreLittle Rock Crisis, 1957

Charles Victor Roman (1864–1934)

Dr. Charles Victor Roman was an author, physician, historian, medical school professor, and civil rights activist. He was also the first physician of African ancestry from North America to receive training in both ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Roman was born on July 4, 1864, in Williamsport, … Read MoreCharles Victor Roman (1864–1934)

Karen Bass (1953- )

Karen Bass Entering the California Assembly Chamber to Become the Next Speaker, March 13, 2008 Image Ownership: Public Domain Congressmember Karen Bass was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2011 following a successful six-year post as a California Assemblymember. As Representative of … Read MoreKaren Bass (1953- )

Robert Curry Owens (1860–?)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Robert Curry Owens was born in Los Angeles, California in January of 1860 to Charles Owens, a livery stable owner, and Ellen Mason-Owens. As the first born grandson to the Owens-Mason union, Robert rose to prominence in Los Angeles after inheriting … Read MoreRobert Curry Owens (1860–?)

Pele (Deon Arrantnes Do Nasciemento) (1940- )

  Image Ownership: Public Domain   Born on October 23, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerais in Brazil, Deon Arratnes Do Nasciemento, known to the world as “Pele,” is revered as one of the most influential football (soccer) players in history. From the time he … Read MorePele (Deon Arrantnes Do Nasciemento) (1940- )

Melvin B. Tolson (1898-1966)

  Image courtesy of Modern American Poetry, University of Illinois Born on February 6, 1898 in Moberly, Missouri, Melvin Beaunorus Tolson is known as one of the most significant African American modernist poets of his time. In addition, Tolson’s work as an educator led Langston … Read MoreMelvin B. Tolson (1898-1966)

Julian Dixon (1934-2000)

Born in Washington, D.C. on August 8, 1934, Julian Dixon represented part of Los Angeles in the U.S. House of Representatives for twenty-two years. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1957 to 1960, Dixon attended California State University, Los Angeles. He earned a bachelor’s … Read MoreJulian Dixon (1934-2000)

Margaret Garner Incident (1856)

Margaret Garner Kills Her Children, 1867 Engraving Image Ownership: Public Domain Best known as the inspiration for Toni Morrison’s award winning novel, Beloved, The Margaret Garner Incident of 1856 contains one of the most ground breaking fugitive slave trials of the pre-Civil War era. Margaret … Read MoreMargaret Garner Incident (1856)