Brent Campbell

Student Historian

Brent Campbell has an associates degree with highest honors from Clark College and is currently an undergraduate of history and anthropology at the University of Washington.  Though his primary interest is archaeology, Quintard Taylor's class African Americans in the West has piqued his interest in the African American experience especially in western America.

Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (1905-1977)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Born September 18, 1905 in Oakland, California, Eddie Anderson’s career as an entertainer began at the age of 14 when he teamed up with his brother Cornelius in a song-and-dance act.  Anderson’s career continued onto the silver screen where he had … Read MoreEddie “Rochester” Anderson (1905-1977)

Ubangi Blackhawks

The Ubangi Blackhawks were a predominantly black semipro football team in Seattle who played for the Community League in the 1930s.  Sponsored by nightclub owner “Noodles” Smith, who was said to be present for every game, the team was also helped by Bruce Rowell who … Read MoreUbangi Blackhawks