Independent Historian

Diane T. Brown was born in Brownsville, Tennessee.  She retired from the United States Department of Homeland Security in 2013 after working 29 years at that agency and its predecessor, the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization.  She also was the dietitian at St. Augustine’s College, Raleigh, North Carolina, from 1964 to 1966.  Ms. Brown is a 1964 graduate of Tuskegee University and has an avid interest in local (Baltimore, Maryland area) history.

Wendell Oliver Pruitt (1920-1945)

St. Louis, Missouri native Wendell Oliver Pruitt, a pioneering pilot of the 15th Air Force, was born to Elijah and Melanie Pruitt on June 20, 1920. Pruitt graduated from Sumner High School, briefly attended Stowe Teachers College (now Harris-Stowe State University), and later transferred to … Read MoreWendell Oliver Pruitt (1920-1945)