Amy Brown

Independent Historian

Amy Brown is an Undergraduate student at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is currently a freshman who enjoys helping and working with children. Although she hasn’t declared her major yet she is considering minoring in African American Studies. Amy Brown expects to graduate from the University of Washington in  June 2012.

Juanita Jackson Mitchell (1913- 1992)

Juanita Jackson Mitchell was a civil rights leader, community activist, and lawyer born in Hot Springs, Arkansas to Lillie May (Carroll) Jackson and Keiffer Jackson. She had two sisters, Virginia and Marion and one brother. Juanita and her family frequently moved across the South at … Read MoreJuanita Jackson Mitchell (1913- 1992)

Archibald J. Carey Sr. (1868-1931)

Rev. Archibald Carey, Sr. a political activist, writer, orator, and religious leader, used his talents to help Chicago’s African American community. Carey was a minister for African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Churches in Georgia, Florida and finally, Chicago. Archibald James Carey Sr. was born in Atlanta, … Read MoreArchibald J. Carey Sr. (1868-1931)